Welcome to my new home! – Blog Warming Party!

To celebrate the launch of my new blog I’ve decided to host a blog party! Hello everyone who’s followed me from my original blog and welcome if you’re new! My name is Emily and I love all things cute, Disney and pastel. I’ve decided to change my original blog to focus more on my art and photography journey as I feel this would be better for the future as a separate portfolio blog, but I still want to write more chatty beauty, lifestyle and DIY posts so I created a new home for them here!

This is my first time hosting a blog party but I thought this would be a fun way to kick off the launch of my new blog and to meet lots of new bloggers! So come join the party in the comments below 😊

The Rules:

  • Comment a mini description of your blog
  • Include a link to your blog
  • Reply to other bloggers and make new friends!
  • Have fun!

I’m really excited to see how this goes!

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