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Pancake Chats 🥞

Hello everyone and happy pancake day!

Mmmmm I think pancake day must be one of my most favourite holidays and for me it’s the official marker of the start of Spring, which is also my favourite season! I love that in-between weather in Spring and Autumn, not too hot and not too cold. But my favourite part of springtime is all the pretty flowers, especially the cherry blossoms, they’re my favourite background for photography!

Let’s start with a little recipe 🥞

1. Mix 125g plain flour with 1tsp icing sugar in a bowl or jug.
2. Make a well in the centre and break in 1 egg.
3. Pour in about 150ml of milk and work in the flour, beat until smooth.
4. Gradually pour in another 150ml of milk and beat until well mixed and there are tiny bubbles on the surface.
5. Melt a little butter in a frying pan and pour in enough pancake batter so that the bottom of the pan is coated. Place over a moderate heat and flip the pancake over when the underside is golden brown.
6. When both sides are fully cooked, place pancake on a plate, stack and decorate.

Mmmm delicious 😋

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

How are you all? Sorry I’ve been away for a little while, for me the first months of 2019 haven’t been too good, and I had some bad news which left me feeling quite useless, worried and anxious. So, I decided to take a little step back from social media and my blog, and to distract myself I’ve been spending my spare time focusing on practicing and improving my sewing skills and I hope to maybe post some tutorials and sewing patterns in the future. I’m currently trying to figure out what I want to do career-wise and whether I want to go to uni and if so, what course I want to take. I found my dream degree course a couple of years ago but I’m starting to worry that I won’t get accepted onto it so I’m trying to look at what other alternatives there are but also increasing my skills and knowledge and seeing what I can do over the summer.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post! What would be your perfect pancake?

p.s. head over to my Instagram story on @princessemily_m for a free pancake wallpaper for your phone 😉

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Emily M x

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