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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 10 Snow Globe Decoration

Hello everybody!

I love snow globes, especially at Christmas, I have a reindeer one which I won in a raffle years ago and love watching the snow fall. So, I decided to make a snow globe inspired decoration for the Christmas tree!

Note: I haven’t added any water to my snow globe as I was worried the decorations inside wouldn’t be water-safe, but the glitter/snowfall effects still works just as good!

What you will need:
A glass jar
Mini figurines & decorations
A glue gun


Firstly, check the arrangement of the decorations you would like to use and check that they fit by placing them on the lid and screwing the jar on top.

When you are happy with your design, using the glue gun, glue the items to the lid of the jar.


Then pour some glitter into the glass jar, I also added some fake snow and sequins for texture.


Place the lid on top of the jar and screw tight so that the glitter won’t fall out.


This glass jar did actually come with a string attached but I accidentally cut it when I cut the tag off, so I tied on a Christmas ribbon instead.


Sadly, the mini trees were a little too big for the glass jar, but I still had a little time so I decided to make a second decoration!


For this one I used an old jam jar and soaked off the label. I then repeated through the same steps, and I really like how these two decorations turned out in the end!


Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft!

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Emily M x

6 thoughts on “12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 10 Snow Globe Decoration”

    1. I’ve heard you can also mix oil and water too, but I was worried about it ruining the mini glitter trees 🙈 I did buy them from the snow globe/ diy decoration section of the craft store but I didn’t want to risk it in the end, I found they still work well without the water!

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