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12 Crafts of Christmas 2021: Day 1 Plastic Bottle Snowflakes

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

It’s been a little while since my last post, let’s just say it’s been very busy! But what better way to get back into posting than to bring back the 12 Crafts of Christmas series for another year.

Today’s craft is a collab with Cece Luna and uses recycled materials to make some snowflake decorations which create beautiful light effects when hung on the tree or in your window.

You will need:

• Clear plastic bottles

• White poster or acrylic paint

• Ribbon

• A craft knife

• A sewing needle or hole punch


1. Using a craft knife cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle. Plastic bottles can be sharp when cut so please make sure to take care when cutting, for safety we cut in the first groove which was approx. 3cm from the bottom of the bottle.

2. Next on the inside of the bottom of the plastic bottle paint your snowflake design. We used the grooves in the bottom of the plastic bottle as a guide to create a symmetrical design.

3. Finally, once the paint is dry make a hole at the top of the snowflake either using a sewing needle or hole punch. Then make a loop with the ribbon by knotting the two ends together before threading the ribbon through the hole.

I hope you enjoyed crafting along with me today!

Follow my crafty adventures and for more updates on my posts check out my Instagram @lilacdaisiesdesigns and @princessemily_m

Stay safe and best wishes,

Emily M x

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