About Me

Hi! I’m Emily and welcome to my blog!

I’m a gen z sewing and craft blogger from the UK.

If I had to describe myself in one word I would choose ‘creative’. My favourite thing to do is to make, bake, decorate and design.

My dream career is to be a costume designer & maker, I love how costume is used to reflect different eras, emotions and music. I’m currently working on a couple of local community art projects, I love learning new skills and getting involved in the community.

I began my blogging journey with my photography/art Instagram @emily.m.adventures in May 2017, which I quickly expanded to my main Instagram @princessemily_m where I try my best to post daily, and soon after I started my actual blog which you are reading now! I have also recently created a third Instagram dedicated to my crafts and illustrations, @lilacdaisiesdiys which is now @lilacdaisiesdesigns

I’m currently aiming to post weekly here on my blog, on Saturdays at 4pm GMT, with a mixture of craft, sewing and knitting tutorials, book reviews, baking recipes and more.

I’m really enjoying writing my blog and I really hope you’ll enjoy reading it too,

Emily M x