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My Summer Favourites 2017

Hello everybody!

As summer’s almost over, I decided to write a list of some my favourite things that I’ve bought, used and enjoyed this summer. Some items may no longer be available and some prices may have changed, as a lot of the items I bought at the start of summer and I have been using them all summer long. So we better get on with the post:

Sunglasses and More Sunglasses

In summer sunglasses are VERY important because the sun can damage your eyes and well squinting’s not very fun. I’ve found that adult sunglasses are still too big for me so this year I bought mine from River Island Girls. I ordered several styles to see which suited me best and what went best with each outfit, which I really recommend doing! (I actually filmed a sunglasses haul when I first bought them, but then I found I don’t have any editing software on my laptop and the files would be too big to edit on my phone, so if you use any software you would recommend let me know!) Both the pairs I kept are aviator style, I couldn’t decide on just one so I chose these two. My favourite is the rose gold pair; I think they’re really pretty and fashionable right now. The other pair is gold and khaki and goes well with pretty much everything; I usually wear them when I’m going for a more professional/business look.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Nothing is better than ice cream on a hot day! To be honest it would be really expensive to go to the ice cream shop every day, as much as I would love to. So instead I decided to buy some sundae glasses to kinda recreate the experience at home. We do have those fancy glass dishes you find at the ice cream shop, but I am pretty clumsy so those tend to stay in the cupboard only for extra special occasions. I found these in Morrisons for £2. They are made from a see-through blue plastic which I like as you can actually see the ice cream through them. The plastic is also pretty tough so they seem unbreakable. Each come with two long spoons, so they are designed for sharing however they’re not too large so you don’t really need to. These would be perfect if you are planning a party and you would like a design-your-own ice cream bar. They are also available in green however I preferred the blue.

White Dungarees and Cute Tees

Dungarees are so comfortable! This year I went on a serious hunt for dungarees, I really wanted a cute denim pair with patches but every time I found one they were out of stock in my size. Then I found this white pair from F&F at Tesco! I wasn’t sure how white would look compared to ordinary denim, but I found I actually really like them! The length of the shorts is really good, not too short, not too long, and I like the silver accents as silver goes with every colour.

Pairing dungarees with a cute patterned tee is a really fun look. If you choose a t-shirt with a pattern on the front, this will be covered by the dungarees, so only choose these tees if you really like the background colour. Otherwise choose a top with an all over pattern and make your dungarees stand out. Pictured are some of my favourites that I’ve bought this year. The blue is actually a Malibu Barbie tee I found in the Next sale, I really like the multi-coloured stripes on the side; this creates a really cute and different look when paired with the dungarees. Both the strawberry tee and the Mickey Mouse tee are from Zara. My favourite out of the three is definitely the Strawberry tee as I love the pattern, and the Mickey Mouse tee has a really 90’s vibe.

Short Socks and Converses

One of my favourite things about the summer is getting new socks. Yep that’s probably a bit weird, but there’s nothing like that soft new sock feeling. Although I wear socks all year round, obviously, I always get new ones in the summer as at school they’re only allowed in the summer term. And strangely enough I look forward to this every year.

What goes better with short socks than low top converses? I used to have a really cute denim pair with patches, but for the past few years I’ve been opting for high tops as I prefer the look of high tops with jeans, so I can wear them all year round. However, high tops have one down fall; you can’t see your socks! And what is the point of buying frilly socks if you can’t see them? So this summer I’ve decided to try low top converses again and they’re so comfy! I spotted this pair in a YouTube video, and I knew I had to get them! I love the light pink colour so much and the glitter is so pretty! They’re also protected with a high shine plastic which makes them waterproof (yay! I can even wear them in the rain) and easy clean (nothing’s worse than getting a grass stain or mud on your new converse). I found this pair for £32 at Schuh.

Photography at the Sea

I have always loved photography! When I was younger my Dad was a huge DSLR fan and I used to use a small digital camera, but no matter how long we charge it for it just won’t turn back on. So last year I decided to buy myself a new camera as an upgrade from my phone camera. I decided on a Canon EOS M10 in black and I really recommend it if you are looking for a new camera. It cost just under £250 for a bundle from Curry’s PC World including a lens, camera bag and memory card, so the camera was ready to use straight away. I really like that you can change the lens, and take DSLR quality photos, with the camera staying small and light so you can easily take it anywhere with you. Also, when I bought the camera, Canon were running a free personalised camera strap offer, so yes I have a spare Elephant Grey camera strap with my initials; EM on it. This is great if I’m going somewhere with lots of photographers as I can put my personalised strap on it and immediately know which camera is mine (losing a memory card full of photos would be horrible!).

Over the summer I’ve had a lot more time to use my camera and practice my photography skills (you can see some of the results over on my art/photography Instagram account @emily.m.adventures). And what is more summery than the seaside? I’ve found my favourite photos to take are of the sea, especially when it sparkles in the sunshine and I would love to take a photo of the sun setting over the sea.

Summer Reading

One of my favourite things about the summer is that I have a lot more time to read. I prefer to read first thing in the morning, so even though I read every day, during school time I only have enough time to read a couple of pages. Almost every summer I do a little book haul, which I hope is enough to last me till next summer. I really love seeing new books on my bookshelf and wondering what stories are waiting inside of them. This year I am most excited to read The Diamond Horse by Stacy Gregg and Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg and I absolutely can’t wait to start them! Inspired by the summer reading challenge I decided to write a summer book review, so if you are looking for some recommendations you can also find them here on my blog! 

Blogging and Instagram

This summer I started both my blog and my Instagram! I started my first Instagram @emily.m.adventures because I wanted to share my photography with other people. Whilst I was on work experience I decided to switch my Instagram from private to public so I could share my photos of the project, I was also asked if I could write a blog of my experience, so this is how my blog began. I really didn’t expect to start blogging, as I’ve always preferred drawing to writing (apart from my own stories but they never got further than chapter 3), however I found I really love blogging! My site started by accident, I was just seeing what I could do with Blogger and learning how to use the tools for writing my first blog post, and before I knew it I had my own site! I love that I can write about anything and that my blog can be anything I want it to be; I’m so excited for the future of my blog!

Initially I created my second account @princessemily_m so that I could change the handle of my photography account and still keep the other username. But I realised I might as well use this account too, so even though the account was private, I began to post quotes that inspired me and photos of things that make me happy, as a place to go to when I’m feeling down or I need a confidence boost. After a while, I decided to also switch this account to public too, as I suddenly felt it would be good to allow other people to see these posts. I’ve really enjoyed becoming more involved in the blogging community, and chatting with other bloggers, which has definitely been one of my favourite parts of this summer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Follow me on Instagram @emily.m.adventures and @princessemily_m for daily updates, and Twitter @EmilyMAdventure for info on my next blog post.

Emily M x

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