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Typo Disney Haul

Hello everybody!

Today I’m back with another stationery haul! I knew that Typo is popular stationery brand in Australia similar to Paperchase. But until recently I had no idea that there are Typo stores here in the UK too! I saw an advertisement for the Disney range when I was scrolling through Instagram and the collection looked amazing so I knew I just had to buy some of the pieces. I ordered at a really great time, I guess it’s about a month ago now, but there was 30% off when you buy 3 products or more items and it actually let me use the 20% off for first orders at the same time! So that made me really happy as I love saving money and it meant I could buy a couple more products from the range without spending more.

I chose 3 notebooks from the Disney collection. The light pink A5 notebook is definitely my favourite thing I bought. I absolutely adore the design, I love the metallic of the gold matched with the pastel pink. I think the Mickey head on the design is supposed to look as if its spray painted which is cool, but it also reminds me of confetti or glitter. The text on the cover reads ‘dream – repeat’ which I love as I think it is so important to follow your dreams. The two A4 notebooks read ‘I have a sweet appetite for all things Disney’ and ‘I believe in Disney’ which of course I do! These notebooks are also so pretty! The rose gold goes really well with the pink, and the Mickey Mouse Ice Lolly design is so cute. The holographic Mickey design also goes really well with the kraft paper style cover. Each notebook has a pocket inside the cover which is really handy to store handouts or worksheets for revision and an elastic closure which helps the cover not to get bent or ripped. I also got another notebook as a Christmas present for my friend (I’m not including an image as it’s a surprise 😉) and on the back it says to cut the cover off and frame it when you’re finished with the notebook which is actually such a good idea and I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that before! I love buying new notebooks but I’m sometimes too afraid to write in them as I don’t want to ruin them but I’ll definitely be framing my Disney ones!

The mickey pens were actually one of the main reasons I decided to place an order. I haven’t actually ever been to Disneyland (even though I really really want to) but the pens they sell there are so cute and I’ve always wanted one, and these Typo ones look really similar! I ordered them in both of the colours that were available; rose gold and gold. The rose gold pen is a shiny metallic whereas the gold is a more matte metallic but they’re both really pretty. Both pens write with black ink which is helpful for me as I’ve been writing in black more recently because of exams.

I also picked up some Disney Manila Folders. These are really great for storing documents, homework or worksheets. There are 5 folders in this pack and they each have really cute designs, my favourite in this pack is the pink ‘dream – repeat’ that matches my notebook, the other designs in the pack also include really tiny mickey heads in both light pink and black. Although I did notice one mistake with the folder at the front of the pack – the bottom of the ‘i’ in Disney is missing so it looks like D’sney, it’s not that noticeable on first glance but once you spot it it’s kinda annoying.

Cute Clipboard
Aww this clipboard is one of the cutest items in this haul! The gold Mickey Mouse heads are so pretty! I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna use this for yet as I’ve never had a clipboard before, but I’ll probably use it to display to-do-lists or schedules above my desk.

Other things . . .
I also chose one non-stationery item from the Disney collection which is this pompom keyring! I love the light pink colour and the gold star charm on the keyring it’s so cute and fluffy! And from the sale I picked a Little Mermaid pin badge for only £1 which was amazing as Ariel is my favourite Disney Princess and I also love collecting pins, and I also got a star print display book which I am going to use as a portfolio for my work experience.

I really love everything I bought from Typo and I’m sure I’ll be shopping there again in the future. Do you love stationery and what is your favourite stationery store?

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Emily M x

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