Christmas, Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Hello Everybody!
With just one week left until Christmas *squeals* it’s almost time to start wrapping presents! But if there’s any last-minute gifts you still need to buy, here’s my Christmas Gift Guide:
Creative Gifts
A Scrapbook – A scrapbook is a great gift for anyone creative! It can be used to store memories or as an art portfolio. There are so many different scrapbooks available; you can easily find the perfect design. Paperchase have an amazing range including this cute cat one, or for a slightly cheaper option try The Range (Instore I also spotted one with gold hearts instead of triangles *aww*).
Washi Tape – Washi tape is so versatile; it can be used for so many craft projects, from personalising your phone charger to decorating a scrapbook or bullet journal! Hobbycraft have an amazing range of washi tape, available in themed packs which are perfect for gifting. My favourites are Summer Tea Party, Into the Woods, Rainbow Magic and Botanical Bliss. Or for some Christmassy tape try Kikki.K – this tape is so adorable!!
Scrapbook Essentials – You can easily make a scrapbook more “Pinterest” with some cute stickers and washi tape. You could also add some La De Dah Photo Booth Frames for a stylish modern touch.
Royal & Langnickel Pink Art Golden Taklon Brush Set (Pack of 10) – A new set of paintbrushes is the perfect gift for any artist (there’s nothing like painting with a new brush *aah*). You may remember these brushes from my Art Supplies Haul, and they are definitely my favourite brushes; they’re really soft, there’s a wide variety of brushes in the packet and of course; they are pink and gold!
A Sketchbook – Sketchbooks are a really handy gift especially if they’re into illustration, having many different sizes and paper thicknesses is very useful  as they can be used for different medias and smaller sketchbooks are great for quick sketches on the go.
Make Your Own Super Dough Unicorns – Aww! These unicorns look so cute! This would be the perfect gift for any creative-kid or unicorn-lover alike. This kit includes enough to make 3 unicorns, instructions (very important) and glitter too for extra sparkle!
DIY Emoji Style Barbie – This Barbie is a great gift for little and big kids. The Barbie wears a fashionable pair of dungarees with can be personalised with the emoji stickers included in the pack – which are really cute and include a unicorn, rainbow and a Starbucks style cup! (I actually bought this Barbie for myself in the Black Friday sale as I think it’s such a cute and fun idea! – and it was half price).
For the Blogger
A Planner – A planner is a perfect gift for a blogger, so that they can plan and schedule their blogposts. Kikki.K has such a cute range on planners and diaries presented in gorgeous gift-boxes! My favourite is the Leather Personal Planner Large Gift Pack: Joy which has an adorable pastel pink rainbow design, stickers and a gold pen! You can also add a metallic monogram of their initials for free!! The 2018 Cute Diary Small Gift Pack: Joy is also a really great budget friendly option with really cute doodle designs, a refillable pen and an adorable miniature calendar.
A Lightbox – Over the past few years, cinema lightboxes have become a very popular addition to interior design. For Christmas last year I asked for the Heidi Swapp Lightbox, and I really recommend it! It’s so fun to change the quotes to match a different theme or season. What’s great about this lightbox is that you can buy a wide range of accessories to really personalise it, tape to add colour to the edging, extra tracks and mini letters, emojis and icons, and my most favourite – pink letters!
A Letter Board – The 2017 update of the lightbox, letter boards have become increasing popular over the last few months. Anyone obsessed with interior design is sure to love this.
Fairy Lights – Fairy Lights are really useful for improving blog photos as well as adding a nice cosy feeling to a room. You can find many different styles on the high street – especially in Primark including very unique designs such as pink unicorns and Mickey Mouse heads! (They can also be used to create awesome Brandon Woelfel style photography!)
For the Photographer
 A Memory Card – This is probably one of the most useful and practical gifts. It’s always very useful to have a spare memory card (or battery too) with you when you are on a photoshoot, especially if you’ve travelled a long way and then find you can’t take any photos. So I would really recommend buying a memory card for anyone who’s into photography; there are options for all different budgets, with a range of storage sizes and quality.
A Personalised Camera Strap – A personalised camera strap is a really great gift! There’s a special feeling you get when you’re given a personalised gift, and having your initials on your camera strap is really useful so you don’t lose your camera. When I bought my camera last year, Canon were running an offer for a free personalised camera strap.  There are a few different stores online that offer this service, including Etsy and notonthehighstreet or you could even make one yourself with some letter stickers and a basic camera strap.
For the Bookworm
A Book – This sounds like an obvious gift, but it’s important to make sure it’s the kinda book they’d like to read and to make sure they haven’t got it already.
Posters/Merch from Their Favourite Series – You can find merchandise for certain series of books especially for the likes of Harry Potter.
A Bookmark – Bookmarks are always useful if you like to read. There are so many different types available, from the traditional, to the magnetic or even one with a light for late night reading. You could even DIY one yourself which is a really cute gift.
For the Musician
 A Ukulele – A ukulele is great gift that can be bought for really reasonable prices! The small size – as well as being adorable – is perfect for traveling.
Plectrums – A set of plectrums is great gift for anyone who plays a guitar, ukulele or similar. With their small size they can easily be lost, and with so many different designs available I’m sure they’d be appreciated. I even found a set of unicorn plectrums on Amazon!
Music Stationery – If they’re into song writing they’d likely appreciate a good notebook – especially one with manuscript paper. Or for the techier they’d likely love a software package such as Sibelius.
Merch from Their Favourite Artist – This can be anything from an album to a signed poster, perfume or hoodie!
Sheet Music of Their Favourite Songs – There’s nothing like learning to play your favourite song on your instrument. For certain artists you can find entire books of sheet music of their albums on any instrument, others you may find in compilation books.

For the Baker
The Unicorn Cookbook – Unicorns have been a very popular trend in baking this year! This book contains an extraordinary range of unicorn recipes!
Cupcake Cases – A cute set of cupcake cases is lovely to inspire them to bake.
A Personalised Wooden Spoon – So they feel extra special whilst mixing the ingredients.
Unicorn Sprinkle Shaker – This is such a cute and unique idea and perfect for making their fairy cakes a little more magical.
Stocking Fillers
Despicable Me So Fluffy Filled Pencil Case – A FLUFFY UNICORN pencil case!? And it’s pastel too! Can it get any cuter? This is the perfect gift for any stationery addict, or budding young artist! And for tweens, teens and older; the stationery included can always be replaced with makeup brushes (or paint brushes) it’s up to you!
Where’s the Unicorn – A Magical Search and Find Book – It’s basically Where’s Wally but with unicorns!
Mini Pusheen Coloring Book – This colouring book is so cute! And it’s so useful too for some rainy day or on-the-go colouring.

A Unicorn Bluetooth Speaker – This is adorable!! It also comes with a built in microphone and a shutter remote for taking photos.

A Keyring – Although this may sound a little boring, keyrings are really useful for personalising your keys, and adding a fluffy pompom keyring to your bag or backpack is really cute and fashionable. You can find some cute keyrings in Primark (including Disney designs too such as a Minnie Mouse pompom or a glittery Chip!).

L’Oréal Paris Read My Lips Christmas Cracker Lip Kit – I love the packaging of the L’Oréal Lip Kits – it’s such a cute play on the traditional Christmas crackers. Each cracker contains a lipstick and lip liner, which would normally cost about £12 bought separately – but you can currently find the Pink kit on Amazon for only £5! I really love this lipstick as I’m kinda obsessed with makeup in gold packaging (and I may have put the lip kit in all three shades on my Christmas list)!
Nail Varnish – Nail Varnish is the perfect size for a stocking filler! I recommend Barry M or Essie for an extra special glittery polish.
A Rainbow Highlighter – Many people currently say that highlighter is their favourite makeup product. Although this isn’t the most practical highlighter for every day, a Unicorn or Mermaid highlighter makes an adorable gift.
Now I’ve finished writing this post I’ve realised just how pink and unicorny everything is *oops*. I hope this post helps you if you’re looking for last minute gift ideas! What are you most looking forward too this Christmas?
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Emily M x

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