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DIY Easter Eggs

Hello everybody and welcome to my first official blog post here on my new blog!

I originally planned to post this post on Good Friday but not everything goes as planned and that’s ok. So although spring is almost over, this is the perfect cute and quick craft for a rainy day no matter the season and I love DIYs so I felt this was the perfect way to kick off my new blog.

A couple of months ago I was browsing through Hobbycraft looking for some spring craft ideas and inspiration when I came across this set of paint-your-own Easter eggs. The eggs are ceramic with a little hook on top which makes them the perfect decoration for an Easter tree and a great keepsake in years to come. The set also includes some paint and a paintbrush as well as some bright yellow ribbon and the egg-carton packaging can also be used to store or display them.

Inspired by an image of unicorn Easter eggs I spotted over on the Hobbycraft blog I started to brainstorm a couple of ideas of my own.

I started with quite a simple design, painting the entire egg with the pastel pink paint. I then waited til the paint was completely dry and attempted to dip the egg into gold acrylic paint – but this didn’t exactly go to plan – I don’t know whether it was the wrong type of paint or the wrong surface but the paint would not stick, it just clung in a gloopy blob. So I tried my best to save this design with the help of a paintbrush (which mostly just took the paint off rather than even it out) and a couple more coats of paint until it reached an opaque finish. I then coated it with Decopatch Glitter Glue to give a glossy finish with some extra glittery-ness.

Then I looked through my Decopatch papers and selected my favourites which matched a pastel blue spring theme. I ripped a small section of each of my chosen sheets and then tore these into smaller pieces. I then stuck them to the egg with the Decopatch glue, trying to make sure none of the matching pieces touched. Overall I really like how this egg turned out and the design was really simple and fun to make!

The next design I began by painting the egg with the white paint, then whilst it was drying I cut and decorated two rabbit ears and carefully attached them to the egg with Decopatch glue. I then used a small paintbrush to paint on a nose and mouth with the pink paint and glued some googly eyes and a fluffy pom-pom tail with the Decopatch glue, and finally I coated the entire egg in decopatch glitter glue to add a shine.

For the final egg I started with painting the egg blue before adding some small googly eyes – I originally thought I’d turn it into a unicorn but then I was inspired by the paper flowers that I was going to use as a flower crown so . . . I just covered the whole egg with the lilac and pink flowers and I actually think this turned out really fun and unique!

I hope you enjoyed this post! This is the first time I’ve decorated Easter eggs but it was really fun and I think I’ll try and do the same thing next year! Have you decorated Easter eggs before? What were your favourite designs?

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Emily M x

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