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6 Quick Revision Tips

It’s almost summer, but for many of us there’s still a couple of weeks left of school, and it’s that time of year full of exams, finals and end of year tests. So here are a few last minute revision tips and ideas to help you through your last few exams before the summer holidays!


For languages I REALLY recommend Duolingo and Tinycards! By using Duolingo daily I managed to get from a grade D to an A* in just four months! This app works so well for me, and although I’d done pretty much most of my controlled assessments and assignments for the year before I discovered the app this still seriously helped to drastically improve my overall grade – I just wish I’d found it sooner! The setup is so much fun making learning like a game with levels, achievements and rewards as well as an option to create and join clubs – so you could create a study group with your class mates or chat with learners anywhere on the planet! I’m actually kind of addicted to this app and I’ve been using it for over 2 years, before I started using the app I wasn’t that interested in languages but now I’m really interested and intrigued by the similarities and differences between different languages, I’ve currently completed the Dutch and Swedish courses so comment down below what you think I should learn next!


I would recommend Physics & Maths tutor for anyone studying maths, sciences, economics, geography or psychology at GCSE or A Level. There are so many resources including practice papers and cheat sheets which highlight key formulas and theories to remember and practice before the exam. I find this site especially helpful as there is a Solution Bank for the maths textbook we use so if I don’t understand a question or I didn’t get the same answer (or you’ve asked the teacher and they’ve got it wrong too – yes that’s happened a couple of times) I can read through the worked solutions and see where I went wrong which I find really helps me.


If you are an audio visual learner like me I would also check out some revision YouTubers such as Hegarty Maths, Exam Solutions and Tutor2u. I think they’re great for revision and going over any areas you’re not 100% understanding, sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective as there are sometimes different ways to look at or answer a question, but the one your teacher teaches you is most likely the one they understand best but it may not be best method for you personally. I find the use of animations and diagrams combined with the voiceover really helps me to memorise key information, facts and formulas.

Mind Maps

Creating mind maps are probably my favourite way to revise as they’re actually really satisfying, aesthetically pleasing but also kind of relaxing! I find mind maps really helpful for revising theories, events and movements as it helps me to visualise the key areas and links in the topic. For Business Studies I have created some mind maps for the theories we have studied, highlighting the key areas so they stand out, and including a diagram on the back to help me visualise and remember how the different areas of the theory link and relate to each other.

Flash Cards

I then copy any key points or formulas from my mind maps or notes onto flash cards as I like to go through them before a test or exam, and the small size is also pocket friendly and helps to zone in on the most important parts to remember.


Past papers are super important for revision as they help you to understand the needs and requirements of the exam, and also the style of the questions and the answers expected. Although there have been a lot of changes to GCSEs and A Levels recently, so there are very few or no past papers for the new specifications it’s pretty hard to know exactly what the new style of questions will be or the trends in the papers. Overall the new papers will still have some similarities to the old spec so if you’ve finished all of the new papers and specimen papers and you’re looking for some more exam-style questions, I’d give them a go anyway and also maybe try some papers from a different exam board too.


I really hope this post helps and good luck in your exams! Remember you can do anything and always try you best. We are all unique and have different talents, so please don’t worry about whether your classmates get a higher mark because it’s really not worth it, as long as you have tried your best no one can do better.

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Emily M x

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