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Back to School Stationery Haul

Hello everybody!

My favourite part of back to school is getting new stationery and there’s so many great deals around it’s actually a good time to stock up on stationery for the rest of the year! I didn’t really need any new folders as I still have enough left over from last year and I stocked up on pens and refill paper pads before the exam season, but there were a few more items I needed on my equipment list and a couple of offers that were just too good to miss!

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This year I’m going to be working more in notebooks than ring binders. I chose to get two A5 notebooks with polypropylene covers as I find that these keep your notes neat and tidy. Both are from WHSmith, the blue notebook is from the new WHSmith Academy range which includes a handy section for your name and timetable in the front, and smooth 90gsm paper. The purple notebook is slightly slimmer but has an elastic strap to keep your notes protected.

I also picked up an A4 Oxford Campus notebook in Tesco which was half price at £2.50. I love the Oxford Campus brand of paper as it is high quality and has a lovely smooth texture.

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So, in the summer I took a little wander through London and when I passed through Leadenhall Market I couldn’t not go in Flying Tiger, they have a lovely range of unique and quirky stationery and homeware! I chose two llama pens for £1; they’re so cute!! The pink pen writes in black and red, the blue writes in blue and black, you simply just push down the llama’s ear to change the colour!

Whilst I was there I also found a matching llama sharpener for £1 which has a handy jar to catch your sharpenings on the go.

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Fine Liners

This year on my equipment list I was required to have a set of fine liners in a range of widths, so I was very glad when I spotted this pack of 12 ranging from 0.05 to 0.8mm in Ryman on sale for only £9.89! A range of widths is great for technical drawings but also very handy if you want your headings to be bolder than your notes.

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Rainbows 🌈

When I spotted this tape dispenser in Flying Tiger I could not resist! It’s just so cute!! It is shaped like a cloud and comes with a reel of rainbow tape! I also picked up two extra refill reels of sticky tape for £1.

Staying on topic, I found a matching glittery cloud pencil case in WHSmith on sale for only £2.79! I’ve actually wanted this pencil case for about a year now and I’m so happy I’ve finally got it and saved money too! This pencil is pretty big which means there’s plenty of room for lots of stationery!

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Whilst I was in London, I also found a pastel pink ballerina pencil case in Paperchase. I love ballet and again I first saw this pencil case about a year ago so I’m so glad I managed to find one half price. It’s one of the boxy style pencil cases which has a handy side pocket for any erasers, sharpeners or just your favourite pens.

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Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great for writing little notes and reminders, or bookmarking pages in a textbook. WHSmith have an awesome selection of different designs this year, from galaxy to ombré, which were all half price! In the end I chose the galaxy as it reminds me of watercolour.

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Two pieces of essential stationery every year for me are glue and erasers. I tend to stay safe by sticking to the Pritt-stick brand these days as I’ve found some cheaper versions aren’t as sticky, which means you may need to come back and re-stick a sheet in your book or use more glue, which means you’ll probably end up paying the same amount by the end of the year either way.

One of my favourite things to do is draw, but not every drawing goes perfectly from beginning to end, so a pack of erasers is always essential to correct any mistakes. I found these Staedtler pastel erasers on 3 for 2 at WHSmith, so I also picked up a cute set of rainbow erasers (which come in a test tube to store them in! I think this is such a unique packaging idea and it also comes in many other designs including strawberries!) and a glittery pencil in the shape of a magic wand. ✨

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I hope you enjoyed reading my post! What is your favourite thing you bought for back to school? I think mine is probably the cloud shaped tape dispenser. Follow me on Instagram @emily.m.adventures and @princessemily_m for daily updates, and Twitter @EmilyMAdventure for info on my next blog.

Emily M x

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