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Organisation Tips

Hello everybody!

One of the key things to stay on track throughout the school year is to stay organised, so that you don’t lose any important handouts or forget an assignment. So here are 6 things that I find really help me to stay organised.

A Planner
Some schools hand out planners at the start of the year, I find they can be really handy for keeping track of what homework you have and when it is due, as well as a useful place to jot down you school login or timetable. A couple of years ago my school chose not to give us planners so instead I chose to buy my own notebook from Paperchase and start a bullet journal which was really helpful and made it a little more fun, but last year we were given planners and we ended up not using it as much as we were given less homework so I think the level of helpfulness is purely down to how much homework you’re expected to do.

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Notebook with Timetable Insert
One of my favourite brands of paper, Oxford Campus, includes a timetable and details section at the front of every notebook and refill pad and I think this is a really helpful bonus, especially at the start of the new term as you can jot down your timetable in the front so you can check what lesson you have next and which room you’ve gotta go to without anyone noticing or having to reach into your bag to find your timetable. You can also find similar timetables and extras in other brands now as well, such as the WHSmith Academy.

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Hairband on Colouring Pencils
This is probably the most random tip you’ve ever heard but I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and honestly it is so simple and handy. To keep all my colouring pencils together I tie a hair tie around them before putting them into my pencil case, this means that if I need to find one in class all I need to do is pull out the whole bundle, no need to spend ages searching for that red pencil! It’s also a great way to check you haven’t lost any pencils as you can easily see what colours are there or not, and as an extra bonus you know you always have a spare hairband!

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Mobile Reminders App
If I need to remember something I always set a notification in the reminders app that came free and pre-downloaded on my iPhone, it’s super simple to use, and seen as I’m pretty much attached to my phone I find it the best way to make sure I don’t forget any homework or something I need to pack for the next lesson.

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Makeup Bags
I like to keep my bag organised, but recently when I started using my new Ted Baker bag I realised it didn’t have a single pocket! I needed some way to easily locate things like my phone and purse, so I decided to use a couple of slim makeup bags to almost create a couple of pockets of my own. This has actually been pretty helpful as I can just pick up the makeup bag and place it into my school bag (which is pictured from Dorothy Perkins) to quickly and easily switch between bags. An extra tip is to use clear make up bags, so you know exactly what is in which one without having to open it up or search around!

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Weekly Planner Printout
Just before the exam season last year I made a weekly  revision timetable using Excel to help me plan my revision. I found this super helpful as I could personalise it to what I needed, and it’s also cost effective and saves paper as I only print as many as I need instead of buying a whole pack at the store. I started the planner from 9am ‘til 8pm so I could clearly see everything I had planned that day and I found it really helpful to know exactly how many revision sessions for a particular subject I had left before the exam. Click the link here to download a pdf of my Revision Timetable for free!


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I hope you enjoyed reading my post! What is your top tip for staying organised? Follow me on Instagram @emily.m.adventures and @princessemily_m for daily updates, and Twitter @EmilyMAdventure for info on my next blog.

Emily M

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