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Autumn Favourites 2018

Hello everybody!

I love looking back at my favourites of the season. Even though autumn isn’t technically over until December 21st, the countdown to Christmas has just begun so I think now is the perfect time to post my autumn favourites!

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Burgundy Corduroy Skirt
I spotted a skirt just like this last year and I wanted it soooo much so I’m so glad I managed to find one this autumn! I love cosy textures like corduroy and faux fur in the autumn and I love the warm burgundy colour of this skirt too. As it’s quite cold here recently, I usually pair this with black tights and ankle boots and a cute tee, and this has been one of my favourite outfits this season.

Sims 4 Terrain Tools
I wasn’t sure about terrain tools at first as I didn’t know what I would use them for, but I actually love using them to add detail to my builds and to create more realistic landscapes. They’ve also inspired a couple of my builds such as a tower on top of a hill and a castle surrounded by a moat which have been a lot of fun to play in.

Terrain ToolsTerrain Tools 2

Addams Family DVD
The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993) are two of my favourite films so this Halloween I decided to buy the box set of the original 1960s series, I did plan to watch them all in half term but I just didn’t have enough time – too much homework 😩 – so I’m still watching it now and I really love it! I don’t usually watch tv shows and movies in black and white, but I think this actually fits the characters well and I don’t really seem to notice that there’s no colour when I’m watching it, the storylines are just so funny!

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Mamma Mia Musical Soundtrack
I’ve been a huge ABBA fan since I was about 8 years old, and usually I hate it when anyone but ABBA is singing their songs because they just don’t sound the same! Anyway, I spotted the Mamma Mia Musical soundtrack in HMV and I was intrigued to see what songs are in the theatre show compared to the movies. I found that I actually really love this CD because of the talking between the songs! It’s almost like an audiobook of the musical and I find it really relaxing to listen to and a great way to de-stress. I was also surprised to find that Bill’s surname in the musical is actually Austin and not Anderson like in the movies! It’s pretty expensive to go see Mamma Mia in London and I’ve wanted to for years, so I still hope to someday, but until then I can just listen to the soundtrack whenever I want!

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Save The Date by Morgan Matson
I just finished this book last weekend, and it’s quite long so it took me pretty much most of the autumn to read. 😂 It was such a great read and I really recommend it, it features a lot of themes, from humour to heartbreak and family relationships. Charlie is the youngest of the siblings and is about to send off her college acceptance, but she just can’t decide. Everything is about to change, her parents are selling the house where Charlie has lived her whole life, and her mother is ending her comic strip Grant Central Station which is based on their lives. It’s also her sister Linnie’s wedding, and it’s supposed to be perfect, but the wedding planner has vanished after embezzling money and just everything seems to be going wrong. I really hope they make a movie of this book someday because it just suits it so well!

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Orange Smarties
My favourite Smarties are the orange ones, and all of my family are the same. Last year they started selling tubes of just orange Smarties exclusive to Asda, and it was just the best thing ever! I’m so glad they’re back this year and no longer limited edition, and I’ve actually seen them in pretty much every supermarket. They would make the perfect stocking filler, but I’ve also bought some early as the orange colour is perfect for the autumn aesthetic and they’re my favourite movie treat.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my post! What are some of your favourite things from this autumn?

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Emily M x

6 thoughts on “Autumn Favourites 2018”

  1. Would you believe it if I told you that I’ve never watch the Addams Family movies?! I love the way you organized your favorites. I’ve been reading 3 books at a time and haven’t finished not one of them. Save the date sounds like a great book! 🙂

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    1. Yass 🧡 I know they do tubes of just pink Smarties as well and I think I’ve seen just red too this year but not blue 😔 I love when the leaves change colour, it’s so pretty!


  2. I haven’t played Sims 4 in so long, I definitely need to get back to it. Your favourites sound a lot like mine this month. I’ve been addicted to smarties lately. Loved the pictures too. Thank you for sharing.

    Hannah |

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