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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 1 Christmas Cards

Hello everyone!

And welcome to 12 days full of crafts in the run up to Christmas! I hope you enjoy this series!

Todayโ€™s craft is Christmas cards. This year I decided to make Christmas cards from recycled wrapping paper. I think this is a fun way to use the little pieces of wrapping paper that are left over after wrapping all the presents.


What you will need:
Card blanks or card
Wrapping paper
A roll of sticky tape


Design 1

For my first design, I decided to make a Christmas tree, as I felt the green and gold of this wrapping paper suited this.IMG_4492
Firstly, measure the width of your card and divide by two, and fold back that much from the edge of the wrapping paper.IMG_4493
Cutting through both layers of wrapping paper, cut straight lines into the white side of the paper, about 4 cm apart.IMG_4494
Then cut diagonally down on each section to make triangles.IMG_4495
Lay the triangles out on your card, overlap and arrange until you are happy with the design and stick them down with glue.IMG_4499You can then decorate the tree with sequins and stickers!IMG_4500IMG_4506You can then use the left over pieces of wrapping paper from this design to make smaller trees.IMG_4507

Design 2

The next design uses something that we all need at Christmas, a roll of sticky tape.IMG_4501Place the roll of tape onto your wrapping paper and move around until you are happy with the design.IMG_4502
Flip the paper over and draw around the roll of sticky tape with a pencil. Using scissors cut on the line drawn.IMG_4503
Then glue the circle to the card and using a pencil or pen draw the top of the bauble.IMG_4508.JPG

Design 3

The next design is very similar to the previous, I just used a smaller roll of tape to add some variety with different sized baubles.IMG_4504IMG_4510.JPG

When do you send out your Christmas cards? Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft!

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Emily M x

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