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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 2 Mini Christmas Wreath

Hello everyone!

Today’s craft is a mini Christmas wreath, this is a fun decoration you could use to decorate your Christmas tree or even a dolls house.

What you will need:
Pipe cleaners
A glue gun
Small bows
Sequins, pom poms or other embellishments of your choice


Firstly, take some pipe cleaners and twist them together into one piece. I used 6 in my wreath, but you can use more or less depending on how thick you want it to be.


Take the two ends of the pipe cleaner and twist them together to form a circle.


Next, turn on your glue gun and choose your bow. Using the glue gun, I stuck the bow at the bottom of my wreath.


I then used the glue gun to decorate the wreath with silver sequins and pom poms.

Please be aware glue guns can get very hot so be careful when using it, the heat from the glue gun melted and bent my sequins slightly so I would recommend using a different type of glue such as pva if you are worried about this.


I hope you enjoyed today’s craft! Do you have a Christmas wreath on your door? Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft!

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Emily M x

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