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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 5 Ceramic Stars

Last year I bought these ceramic stars from Hobbycraft but sadly ran out of time because of deadlines, so I’m really happy I finally had time to decorate them this year!

They came as a pack of 4, with red ribbons attached. They’re plain ceramic with Christmassy words in the centre of each one; merry, twinkle, sparkle and bright.


What you will need:
Blank ceramic tree decorations
Acrylic paint
Paint palette
A cup of water

I began by removing the ribbons so that they wouldn’t get paint on them.

I then selected the colours of paint I wanted to use and put a bit of each into the paint palette.


Using the paintbrush, I painted each of the ceramic stars and leaned them against the edge of palette to dry.


For a better colour I ended up doing two coats of paint on each star, to add sparkle I mainly used a mix of metallic and glitter acrylic paint from Baker Ross and The Works. This is the first time I used these paints, I really liked them however they are of course not as opaque or strong a colour as standard acrylic paint.


For Merry I chose a traditional Christmas colour scheme with standard red and metallic green for contrast. For Bright I painted metallic pink dots over the metallic yellow for a bright pop of colour. Then for both sparkle and twinkle I used glitter paint over a base of metallic paint.


Do you have any homemade decorations on your tree? Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft!

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Emily M x

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