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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 9 Miniature Gingerbread House

Baking is one of my favourite activities at Christmastime, although today’s craft isn’t a recipe, it’s a baking themed decoration! (If you’d like a recipe, I did a post a couple of years ago; Cute Christmassy Cupcakes 🧁😉)

What you will need:
The template (click here)
Card (brown or corrugated is best)
Glue gun
Sequins, gems, stickers or buttons
White acrylic paint

img_4456-e1576930461576.jpgFirst start by cutting out each piece of the gingerbread house using the scissors. You will need 2 of each piece (apart from the base – you only need one base! )

I placed the pieces onto the template to keep track of them and so that the walls and roof pieces wouldn’t get muddled.


Using the glue gun, I stuck one wall to a house piece.


I then repeated this with the other wall.


Next, I stuck the other end of the house on, gluing it to one wall at a time.

As the structure was stronger now, I attached the base to make it stable, gluing along the bottom of the house and centring it on the base piece.


To finish the structure of the house, I glued on the roof, one piece at a time. During this step you could also add a ribbon or string between the roof pieces so it can be hung on a Christmas tree!


To give a 3D texture to the icing, I used the glued gun to create the shape of the door, windows and to decorate the roof with a scalloped tile pattens. Once dry, I painted over the glue with white acrylic paint. Alternatively, you could use white puffy paint or mix pva glue into the paint you are using to make it thicker.


Lastly, I decorated the house with sequins (stuck with Decopatch glue), gems and stickers to look like sweets!


Do you decorate gingerbread houses or cookies at Christmas? I’m allergic to gingerbread so this is the first “gingerbread” house I’ve decorated, and I really enjoyed it!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft!

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Emily M x

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