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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 11 Decopatch Christmas Tree

Today we are back with another Decopatch craft! This time we have a Christmas tree decoration.

What you will need:
A Christmas tree shape (Decopatch brand, mdf, wood or papier-mâché)
Decopatch papers (Like thick tissue paper)
Decopatch glue (Similar to pva)
A Decopatch brush (these are made from hog bristles, I use size 10)


In my Decopatch paper stash I found a blue paper with Christmas trees which I felt was a good fit for this craft! 🎄 I paired this with two blue patterned papers, one with a circle pattern to represent baubles. I also found a star pattern which had the blue colour, but also pink, yellow and gold to add a little contrast.


Begin by tearing your papers into small pieces and arrange them like a palette.

My tree is made in two halves that slide together so that it can stand up, this meant that it has a slit up the middle of both pieces.


I began by decopatching the slit, as this would be the trickiest part. Brushing Decopatch glue onto the tree where I want to stick the paper, then placing the paper and using the brush to smooth it down flat.


After this I continued around all of the edges.


And then the middle of the tree, making sure there are no gaps.

I then repeated this on the other half of the tree.

Leave the tree to dry, I stood mine up against the Decopatch glue pot so that it wouldn’t stick to the table cover.


Finally, once dry, coat both pieces with Decopatch glitter glue to varnish.


Note: I had a little issue sliding the two pieces back together, the paper made the slit slimmer and glue made it tacky so it would stick and get stuck, it was a struggle getting it this far! Next time I will either sand down the slit wider myself or Decopatch it with both halves together.

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Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next craft!

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Emily M x

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