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12 Crafts of Christmas: Day 12! Little House & Bonus Craft!

Hello everyone!

It’s Christmas Eve!!!! And it’s the last craft of the series! I feel like these 12 days went by so quickly!

Today’s craft is a little painted house. I found this house in Hobbycraft, and it comes in a few different styles and sizes. It is made of cardboard/papier-mâché and the roof is also removable so it functions as a box too which is handy, as you can use it to store decorations when you’re packing the Christmas decorations away, or for anything really, from embroidery threads to hair accessories.

What you will need:
A little cardboard house
Acrylic paint
Paint palette
Paint brushes
A jar of water
Kitchen towel or tissue

(Acrylic paint it best used without water, but a jar of water is handy to clean your brush and then the kitchen towel to dry and it’s ready to use again!)


For my little house, I chose a pastel colour scheme.

I started by painting the roof white so that it would look like it is coated with snow. I planned to use the white metallic paint for this, but it wasn’t opaque enough on the brown card, so I ended up mixing in normal white acrylic.


For the outside walls, I chose a metallic pink, but that also wasn’t opaque enough on the brown card, so I ended up mixing in a mix of white and red to paint to make it thicker.

Note to self: When using metallic or glitter paint, either do an undercoat or overpaint with multiple layers of the paint.


I then decided to paint the inside walls blue to add some contrast through the windows, this paint was a little runny and I did notice the card bubbling up, which wasn’t good but it’s not that noticeable once dry. I would say it is probably best to use scrapbook paper and double-sided tape for the inside instead.


I then used a finer acrylic brush to paint the window and door frame with the white paint, before coating the rest of the house with a second coat of the pink and white for a better colour.

Overall, I am really happy how this craft turned out! It could also work well with an LED tealight inside to create a warm glow through the windows.



~ Bonus Craft ~

I had quite a bit of paint left over from painting the house, so I decided to paint the Ceramic Train Tea Light Holder I bought from Hobbycraft as well.


It arrived with the funnel missing so I was given a refund. It was nowhere to be found in the bubble wrap so I couldn’t just glue it back on, I needed to make a new one. I tried a couple of different things to see what fit best and ended up going with a tube from inside the tin foil, it wouldn’t cut with the craft knife, so my dad used a saw to cut it down to size for me. I then used my glue gun to stick it onto the train.


I planned to paint the train blue and purple to contrast with the green of the Christmas tree and the red of Santa. I started with painting pink onto the roofs and blue onto the funnel and trailer.


I then mixed some of the pink and blue together to make the purple for the rest of the front of the train.

Instead of painting the wheels black, I decided to paint them dark metallic blue so that it would blend with the rest of the colour scheme better, and lastly added detail with yellow and red.


It’s not perfect, but I do like how it turned out. I need a bit more practice painting detail with acrylic, my acrylic brushes just don’t seem to bend or move them same way as my watercolour brushes. I do have tiny detail brushes, but they’re made for watercolour and gouache, so I don’t really want the acrylic to clump the brushes up and ruin them, so I’m going to look at getting another set of detail brushes to use with the acrylic paints.


I hope you enjoyed this series! From now on I’m planning to post weekly, on Saturdays at 4pm GMT, with a mixture of craft, sewing and knitting tutorials, book reviews, baking recipes and more!

Follow my crafty adventures and for more updates on my posts check out my Instagram @lilacdaisiesdiy and @princessemily_m

See you again soon! And I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Emily M x

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