The Positivity Project

Thoughtful Thursday; Spreading Kindness

After a while being at home can start to feel boring and repetitive, so one way to spread a little cheer and boost everyone’s mood is random acts of kindness.

The key to a random act of kindness is to keep it a surprise, to spread cheer when they’re least expecting it. A couple of weeks ago I read Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith and it reminded me how one random act of kindness can be the start of a whole movement, like a chain of kindness. Here are a couple of ideas for what you could do:

  • Chores – Do some chores that you’re not scheduled to do, that could be doing someone else’s or getting a head start on tomorrow’s
  • Cook someone their favourite meal or bake a tasty treat
  • Let someone else have your time slot on the computer, games console or tv
  • If you have a bathtub, you can run them a nice relaxing bath
  • Have a movie night and let them choose the movie
  • Buy them a treat, maybe their favourite candy or something they have been saving up for, or get crafty and make them something special
  • Help them with their work or a project because teamwork makes everything (usually) go a lot faster and little more enjoyable

One of the things I will be doing today is baking some more Shortbread Hearts for my mum as they are her favourite treat! I posted my recipe last month for Mother’s Day, click here if you’d like to give it a read.


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Stay safe and best wishes,

Emily M x

15 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday; Spreading Kindness”

  1. I love these ideas very much, Emily! For Thoughtful Thursday I’m going to write a letter to my friend. There won’t be much baking in my house for a while, as yesterday I baked such a huge batch of cookies! My family seemed to enjoy them, which is the most important part. Hope you’re well and safe ❤

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    1. Aw thank you Erin! That’s sounds lovely, and I love baking for my family! I can never seem to find an easy way to make a small batch of cookies, I love them so much, but I always end up with about 4 baking trays worth! 🙈 I hope you have a lovely Thoughtful Thursday 💛💛

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