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12 Crafts of Christmas 2021: Day 4 Watercolour Christmas Tree Cards

Hello everyone!

I love making and receiving handmade cards and gifts, there’s just something so special knowing that someone has taken the time to make something just for you. At the moment I’m loving mixing doodles with watercolour, so this year I’m using this technique on the Christmas cards I’m making for my family.

You will need:

• White card, you can buy card blanks at stationery stores such as The Works, or alternatively you can just fold A4 sheets of white card in half for an A5 size card

• Watercolour paints

• Black fineliner pen


1. I started by painting some triangles onto the card using metallic green watercolour paints.

2. Once the watercolour paint had dried, I drew a line up the centre of each tree with the fineliner to make the tree trunk.

3. Next, I added sweeping branches coming from the trunk, followed by little dashes along the line to represent the texture of the fir needles of the Christmas trees.

4. Lastly I added the text, this year I chose to hand write some of my ‘Merry Christmas’s with the fineliner, and also use mini alphabet stamps from Hobbycraft for some and I love the handmade scrapbook effect of the stamps.

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft!

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Stay safe and best wishes,

Emily M x

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