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12 Crafts of Christmas 2021: Day 7 Christmas Playlist

Hello everyone and welcome to day 7 of 12 Crafts of Christmas!

Today’s craft is something a little different. I love music, the way it makes me feel, how some songs can instantly change your mood and how some just sound like pure magic. A personalised playlist is a perfect gift if you don’t have access to craft supplies, or to give to someone you can’t easily give or send a parcel to, such as an internet friend. It’s a great opportunity to share some of your favourite songs and get to know each other a little better.

So, for day 7 of 12 Crafts of Christmas I’m sharing my Christmas playlist with you, which features some of my favourite Christmas songs and artists 😊

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! It was a little last minute as I’ve had a bad migraine the last few days so the craft I had planned isn’t quite finished yet but will hopefully be up later in the week 🤍

Let me know in the comments: what is your favourite Christmas song?

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Stay safe and best wishes,

Emily M x

2 thoughts on “12 Crafts of Christmas 2021: Day 7 Christmas Playlist”

  1. This is a lovely idea for a gift! You got one for me in there with Jules Leblanc as I’m a fan of hers and my sister is obsessed with Ariana 🤣. Now I’m thinking of doing this for some people as they wouldn’t expect it! ✨ My fav Christmas song is Step into Christmas – Elton John! 🎶 Sorry to hear you’ve been having a bad migraine, hope you start to notice a difference with it easing soon 💕

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