The Positivity Project

Mindfulness Monday & Welcome to the Positivity Project

Working on this project has been really good for my mind as it has made me sit down and spend time reading the anxiety and mindfulness books I’ve collected over the past few years.

The ‘Body Scan’ is a popular mindfulness technique that I’ve been taught/told about a couple of times but more recently read in the Take A Moment book by Mind. It helps to focus on different parts of your body, to release tension and relax the muscles. Some people will take a mindfulness break during the day to do this technique, you could even do it at your desk to take a pause from your work, whereas others find it helps them to relax before going to sleep.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position or lay down, and breathe slowly and deeply.
  2. Start to move your awareness through your body, working upwards starting with your feet
  3. Pay attention to the sensations in your toes, feet, legs, back, arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, jaw, eyes, face and scalp
  4. When you notice tension, pause
  5. Gradually release this tension as you breathe out and relax. Then move on
  6. Once you reach your scalp, start to move your attention back down your body in the opposite order finishing with your feet
  7. When you reach your feet, notice how they feel on the floor. Stay with that feeling for as long as you want to before getting up

I hope this technique helps, I find it’s really good for relaxing my muscles as most of the time I don’t even realise I’m feeling tense until someone points it out to me 😂 but it really helps to feel and notice the difference between tension and relaxation, and it makes you feel a little more in control of how you’re feeling.

Another mindfulness activity I will be doing today is a little bit of colouring, which is really great way to relax as it focuses your mind on the colours and shapes. Do you have a favourite activity that helps you relax? Let me know in the comments below.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Click here to find out more about The Positivity Project and check back here tomorrow at 10am BST for my Together Tuesday post.

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Stay safe and best wishes,

Emily M x

12 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday & Welcome to the Positivity Project”

  1. This is going to be such a great week for our own mental health. I find myself using the grounding method a lot, and it’s very beneficial. Today I posted about colouring in my post! You don’t have to check it out if you don’t have the time, but I would appreciate it.
    Hope you have a very mindful Monday, and please stay safe 🙂 x

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    1. I’ll definitely check it out in a little bit 😉 I’m just in the middle of catching up on everything! The response has been fantastic so far, I’m so excited for this week and to see how it goes ☺️ I also find for grounding, keeping my feet moving really helps, especially if I’m feeling panicky or nervous 💛 Hope you have a lovely Easter Monday! Stay safe and take care x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not surprised, Emily! It’s a brilliant idea that deserves so much support. Already there’s ben a flood of messages in my inbox about people finding it helpful. So thank YOU! Take care x

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  2. This is already turning out to be great! Everyone’s been responding so well and it’s fantastic! I’ll have to try out this technique sometime. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you I definitely recommend giving it a try 😊 I’m so shocked and surprised (in a happy way!) and maybe a little overwhelmed 🙈 I’ve been very very busy today but it seems to be going amazingly so far! 💛

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